Devotionals - Hymns of Faith

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This week’s Hymn – The Old Rugged Cross

Devotional Focus – The Sayings of the Cross


Today’s Reading: John 19

Today’s Application: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” –Luke 23:24. The cross of Christ has a way of really bringing things into focus. If there was ever a time for someone to be righteously angry, it was Jesus on the cross. He was literally sinless, and as God, the one who all sin was against. Completely unjust was what happened to Him that day. Yet in the middle of it all, He prays to the Father that they would be forgiven. Do people wrong us? Of course! Yet it is better to forgive. Today or this week there will surely be a time when someone wrongs you, either in traffic, or at work, or in your home. Let us take on the heart of Christ and forgive. Focus on His cross today and this week and let it bring what matters into focus.

Today’s Dedication: Lord, forgive my sins as I forgive others. Thank you Jesus for taking my punishment upon the cross.


Today’s Reading: John 19

Todays Application: “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.” – Luke 23:43. Paradise awaits us because of the cross! On the cross Jesus defeated sin and upon rising He defeated death. We owe our eternity to Him and what He accomplished through obedience on that weekend 2,000 years ago. And what an eternity it will be! We don’t know everything about Heaven, but we do know that He will be there. Jesus used the word paradise to describe our future and told the thief in a very matter of fact way. Do we live every day like Heaven is our matter of fact future? If we did, we wouldn’t be so caught up in this world.

Today’s Dedication: Lord, I am grateful that you made a way for me to be sure of my future. Help me to not focus so much on this world and let me walk in the reminder that I already have a new home awaiting me.


Today’s Reading: John 19

Todays Application: “My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me?” – Mark 15:34. Jesus bore the weight of humanity’s sin. For a moment, the Father had to turn away. This, even more than the physical pain of the cross, was the most excruciating moment. Yet, He went willingly, knowing what was ahead. This is why he prayed so earnestly in the garden the night before. This was the cup He wished could pass. He suffered for us. This should be a sobering thought and one that drives us to gratefulness. Worship Him today from a grateful heart.

Today’s Dedication: Thank you Jesus for laying down your life. Help me to live worthy of the Gospel today.


Today’s Reading: John 19

Todays Application: “I thirst.” – John 19:28. Part of the reason Jesus put on flesh was that He, as our High Priest, would know our weaknesses first hand. This flesh is weak and is in constant need. What an amazing truth that we have a God who created us to need, and then became a human to relate to our need. We too thirst, yet our spiritual thirst far outweighs our physical thirst. (Psalm 42:1-2; Psalm 63:1) Am I honest enough about my deeper thirst that it causes me to cry out for a drink. Let us follow the example of our Lord and cry out! He is the living water. Drink deeply today.

Today’s Dedication: Lord, I confess that I crave so many things and that I often seek temporary satiation over what I truly need in you. Help me to use my physical longings as a reminder of my spiritual longings and just like I feed the body, help me to feed the spirit today.


Today’s Reading: John 19

Todays Application: “It is finished.”  – John 19:30. Praise God! Our salvation was bought and paid for by Christ on the cross. The work He came to accomplish was done! Man does not have to, nor could he, earn his way past his sin into heaven. Jesus took care of it. This truth, above all others, is worth building a life around. If we had nothing but salvation, it would still be enough. We know this is true, yet it is still hard to live out. Let us keep the cross before us today. Let it be a reminder of His finished work. Let it drive us to praise, obedience, joy, and evangelism. He is worthy!

Today’s Dedication: Father, thank you for my salvation! Help me keep my eyes up today. Use me for your glory.