"Hopelessly Broken" (1/24/2021)

by Bobby Martin
Sun, Jan 24, 2021

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Sun, Jul 01, 2018
Passage: Mark 8:31
Series: Stand
Jesus knew there would be a sacrificial side to following Him. Following Christ may mean giving up a relationship, or staying in a marriage, or making your financial resources available. And it’s almost like we have to die because we have to give up a part of our lives. In this bonus message we will discover It takes courage to stand aside and put Christ first.
Sun, Jun 24, 2018
Passage: Joshua 1:1
Series: Stand
Having the courage to stand strong is not easy, especially when it seems everyone and everything is against you. The story of Joshua is one of great courage, as he had to fill the shoes of the mighty man Moses. In this final message, we’ll look at how Joshua overcame his doubt to become someone God used to change and entire nation that has literally changed the world.
Sun, Jun 17, 2018
Passage: 1 Kings 18:16
Series: Stand
Elijah was a man who had convictions, meaning he held strong to what he believed. In our world it’s difficult to stand by our convictions when so many people have the wrong convictions or none at all. In this message we will learn what it takes to not only have convictions, but to stand firm in those convictions.
Sun, Jun 10, 2018
Passage: Daniel 3:12
Series: Stand
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were determined to worship the one true God only, and thus were reported to the king. Furious with pride and rage, Nebuchadnezzar ordered the furnace to be heated seven times hotter than normal. These three young men were bound and cast into the flames. What happened next is amazing. In this talk we’ll discover that sometimes when we stand up for the right thing there is a cost. But the end result is life changing.
Sun, Jun 03, 2018
We were meant to be used. We weren’t meant to spend our lives wasting away just doing the get up, go to work, come home, go to bed thing. We were meant to be people who influence and change the world. Noah was a man who stood out and God used him in an incredible way. In this message we will look at what it takes to stand out so that God can use us to do more than we ever dreamed.
Sun, May 27, 2018
Series: FearLess
Sun, May 20, 2018
God has made His path a joy to walk. In this message we will discover the fulfillment of the hike.
Sun, May 13, 2018
God has marked our trail with signposts to ensure our safety and arrival. In this message we will explore the boundaries and celebrate the destination.
Sun, May 06, 2018
God has required those on His path to walk in love and grow in knowledge. In this message we will set our pace and pack our gear.
Sun, Apr 29, 2018
Friends determine the direction and quality of our lives. It is important to have someone in your child’s life that will affirm what you have taught them. Bobby will close this series by leading us to ask two important questions when it comes to our child’s relationships outside of home.
Sun, Apr 22, 2018
Children get their understanding of God through their relationship with their parents. Parents have the most potential to influence their children. As parents, having a relationship with God should be a priority. It allows us to set our children up to have an eternal and healthy perspective on life. We will be introduced to three important questions we need to ask when it comes to our child’s relationship with God.
Sun, Apr 15, 2018
A parent’s relationship to their kids is a critical relationship because it determines the degree of influence they will have on their child's development. In this message we will discover that our relationship as parents to our children has a huge bearing on the quality of their future relationships.
Sun, Apr 08, 2018
prioritize experiences over the quality of relationships. Most of our experiences and decisions were impacted by our relationships. In this introductory message, we will talk about the trap most parents fall into and introduce three areas of relationships in which parents must be involved.
Sun, Apr 01, 2018
Jesus did everything that God had sent Him to do. His mission was complete. But the finished work of redemption was the beginning of something – something we celebrate each year, but transforms our lives every single day.
Sun, Mar 25, 2018
No matter what you believe or what your religious conviction is – believer, agnostic, atheist, whatever – we all know that someday we are going to die. Yet we live as if it is not true. But Jesus’ last words to an unlikely criminal can give us a new perspective that can change the way we live – and what happens when we die.