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by Jesse Hicks
Sun, Apr 18, 2021

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Sun, Jan 17, 2021
The Bible is not filled with feel-good messages for a world we don’t live in. We find God speaking directly into uncertain times. We see his hand in the midst of uncertainty. That’s where He does some of His best work.
Sun, Jan 10, 2021
We don’t know what 2021 holds for us as a nation, a state, or as families any more than anyone else does. But we do know one things for certain – God holds this New Year in His very certain hands.
Sun, Jan 03, 2021
Thu, Dec 31, 2020
6:00 PM Christmas Eve Service
Sun, Dec 20, 2020
Our view of the manger has become so become so clean and proper. But the real truth is that first century mangers were dirty and messy. The manger puts Jesus at the center of a mess, not a masterpiece. Jesus came to the manger because humanity needed to be rescued. Not rescued from a sanitized petting zoo, but from a filthy, dirty stable. It was a mess, just like us! In this message we find that Jesus didn’t mind the mess of the manger, and He doesn’t mind our mess, either.
Sun, Dec 13, 2020
The wise men (and incidentally, we are not told they were kings, nor are we told there were only three) could have very easily faced ridicule and sarcasm for looking for the baby called Jesus. We live today in a world that still thinks it is foolish to worship some baby that was born in a lowly manger, to a humble carpenter, and a common woman. But in this message we will understand why wise men still seek Him.
Sun, Dec 06, 2020
700 years before Jesus Christ was even born, a prophet of God explained Christmas before anyone had even experienced Christmas. Seven centuries before that cradle rocked, the stars shown, the Wise Men gave and the angels sang, Isaiah dipped his prophetic pen into inspired ink and wrote what has become the centerpiece and cornerstone of Christmas prophecy. We will learn in terms no one can misunderstand, just what Child this was.
Mon, Nov 30, 2020
The story of Jesus began at a quaint little town called Bethlehem. What otherwise would have been an unheard of Palestinian town, shrouded in anonymity, has instead become the theme for poets, the subject for artists, and the goal for pilgrims. Why Bethlehem? Join us as we discover how God used a tiny town for an enormous purpose.
Sun, Nov 22, 2020
Practicing gratitude will not erase the overdue bills, cure a common cold, or make those zoom meetings any easier but it will help you cope with those things. We are flawed beings. We all have scars, some more visible than others. Gratitude helps us heal those scars by focusing on what’s good.
Sun, Nov 15, 2020
One reason we struggle with a sense of lack in comparison with others stems from a lack of gratitude for what we’ve been given. Without gratitude, our gains in life don’t last very long. Those who sustain their ability to carry out God's assignments are those who walk quietly, humbly, and with grateful confidence in what He’s given them.
Sun, Nov 01, 2020
To wrap up this series, we tackle a major obstacle for many people like your neighbors as they consider accepting the message of Jesus and placing their faith in God. It's often what comes to mind first when they think about Christianity.
Sun, Oct 25, 2020
Most world religions require adherence to certain laws or rules and they agree that we all fall short of God’s standards. Where most religions differ with Christianity is the way to reconcile with God. In this message, we will discover the revolutionary solution to this dilemma that is available to everyone.
Sun, Oct 18, 2020
Religion can be weird. Odd cultic behavior. Faces of religious icons appearing in random places. Fanatical rules and restrictions to follow in order to be good. Are these all misguided attempts by religious nuts to connect with God? Are we trying too hard to make sense of something so big and mysterious? In this message, we’ll see what Jesus offers is different.
Sun, Oct 11, 2020
Many horrible things have been done and are being done in the name of God. So, it’s easy to understand why people turn away from religion. We want to have faith, to believe our lives have purpose, but our experiences contradict everything we trust in. If you are turned off by religion, if everything around you is saying there is no God, the story of a fanatic and his radical conversion might help you rethink what it is all about.