Series Schedule

New Series at The Church at Creek's End

As the eighth and final season of the fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones begins, the fight between good and evil will resume, as well as the challenges for a throne. In the spiritual sense, our heart is a throne and on it sits the king of our lives. The question is, who is on that throne – God, or us? In this four-week series we will explore what it means to let Jesus, the King of kings, sit on the throne of our hearts. Here is the schedule…

Because we are part of a democracy rather than a monarchy we really don’t understand the concept of thrones. We talk about the throne of God but because we are not accustomed to honoring a king, serving a king, or answering to a king in our society then we struggle to appreciate the importance of enthroning someone as king. In this opening message, a game we played as children will challenge us to see God in a different way – as the King He really is.

One of the greatest kings in Israel’s history was King David. He was also one of the wealthiest kings. But David understood there was one King whose status and reign was above his own. He knew that all he had in power and possessions came from a higher throne than the one on which he sat. We will discover in this message how our wealth – our money and possessions – is subject to a higher King who wants to use it for eternal reasons. We will bring a special offering to the Chest of Joash this Sunday.

He began as a newborn king, but King Herod wanted Him dead. Years later, they would call Him the King of the Jews, but the religious leaders wanted Him dead. On the cross, He became the dead King. Then three days later, He became the Risen King. People are still threatened by this King who wants to sit on the throne of every heart. But believing in a Risen King can change your life forever. Come celebrate Easter with us.

When we live our lives from the standpoint of I must be in control of all things and all events and all people around me, our agenda is going to clash with God’s agenda. That take on life opens you up to unbearable anxiety and fear. It will wreak havoc with your ability to make decisions because your ability to make decisions will be clouded by your fear of losing control. In this final message, we will learn how to avoid a clash of kings and kingdoms by giving up control of the throne.