When you look at the ministry of Jesus, here’s what you’ll find: He spent a significant amount of His time debunking the myths that the people had been taught about God and about faith. A lot of what He did was to say, “You’ve heard it said this, but I’m going to tell you something different. I know you’ve been taught to look at it this way; I’m going to give you a new way to look at it.” And so He came on the scene, and He confronted some false beliefs about faith, about religion, about God that many people had just kind of accepted. Join us for this 5 week series on the upside down teachings of Jesus and discover “The Inversion Principle”. Here is the schedule…

Brokenness is a word that we don’t use much these days. It is not something we aspire to. You don’t want to write “broken” on your resume. We live in a culture that’s been termed “a throwaway culture.” When things break we throw them away. We don’t value repairing and fixing, making things new. In this message Jesus gives us a new lens with which to see broken things. For when Jesus looks at something broken, He sees something valuable.

For those who are consumed with getting to the top of the ladder, with reaching a certain status, with being successful, Jesus has a lot to say. In this message He’s going to redefine what all that means, because it turns out that the way up is down. We will discover greatness is not something that you ascend to; it’s something that you descend to.

One of the things about God’s nature that you’ll see in Scripture is He loves to fill empty things. From empty jars to empty stomachs to empty hearts, Jesus was about filling what was empty. The way we deal with emptiness in our culture is by living in a constant state of consumption. We are constantly consuming. And we love to get online and shop and buy things. We love to think about what we don’t have but what we’re going to get. And once we get whatever we wanted, we need something more. In this message Jesus turns it all upside down by helping us realize He can only fill us when we are empty.

As Jesus neared the end of His ministry it became very evident to the disciples that happily ever after wasn’t going to happen. He started talking about His death. He talked about a resurrection but they never heard that part. They couldn’t get past the “I’m going to die” part and suddenly it wasn’t any fun to follow Jesus. But in order to really live, we must understand the sacrificial side of Jesus. We will learn the way to really live with purpose is to die to ourselves.

When we look in the mirror some things are easier to see than others. We can see anger, we can see jealousy, and we can see guilt. But it is very difficult to see greed. Jesus warns us in this message that greed is a subtle thing. We will learn His inversion principle that giving actually results in receiving - just not the way we think.