the Glorious Future of David’s House 2Sa 7:1-17 Always do better for the cause of God than for yourself. You have no right to dwell in cedar, while God’s Ark is under curtains. Also, beware of giving directions or advice, unless you have first consulted God. You may be as good as Nathan, but, if you speak apart from the divine Spirit, you will probably be compelled, on the following morning, to eat your words. David’s intention was good, but neither was he the man nor was that the time for temple-building. See 1Ch 22:8 . The sword could not yet be exchanged for the trowel, but in the meantime the will was accepted in lieu of the act. It was then God’s turn to pour out a perfect avalanche of blessing, which must have made David forget those weary years of waiting and wandering. Do not be anxious about the future. Use your life and all its resources for God, and he will care for you. No tongue can exaggerate the goodness and mercy which God lays up for them that trust in Him before the sons of men. And it is because He loves that He does not hesitate to chasten.