the Two Ways and the Two Ends Psa 1:1-6 Like a signpost, this psalm points the road to blessedness. The opening word may be read, “Oh, the blessedness!” The psalm begins with the same message as the Sermon on the Mount, Mat 5:1-48 . Beneath the lintel of benediction we pass into the temple of praise. Blessedness is obtainable in two ways: negatively, we may avoid the society of the irreligious; positively, we must enter the company of prophets and kings, of psalmists and historians, and especially of God Himself, speaking in Scripture. Do not simply read the Bible; meditate upon it. Better one verse really masticated than a whole chapter bolted. The rewards are, to be planted by rivers, to bear fruit, and to prosper. See Gen 39:3-4 ; Gen 49:22 . How blessed it is, also, to realize that God knows and loves! See Psa 56:8 . The sinner begins with ungodliness, goes on to scorning, and ends as chaff, Mat 13:30 .