a Cry for Deliverance Psa 40:11-17 To the end of life we shall continually need God’s lovingkindness, to deal mercifully with our failures and sins, and His truth, that is, His faithfulness. The Covenant, ordered in all things and sure, and that which binds him irrevocably, is the rock of our comfort, whether we are compassed by innumerable evils or overtaken by iniquities, Psa 40:12 . Our sense of sin grows with our increasing knowledge of the holiness and love of God. They who are nearest to the heart of God are least able to forgive themselves, though they know that they are forgiven. But while we think hard thoughts against ourselves, and confess ourselves to be poor and needy, we may take great comfort in God’s thoughts for us, Psa 40:17 . They are tender and loving, Jer 29:11 . Poverty and need are never reasons for despair. These things do not alienate God’s interest. They rather attract Him; just as a sick child will get more of the mother’s care than the healthy members of the home-circle.