Refuge in God from Evil Men Psa 7:1-17 This psalm should be compared with 1Sa 24:1-22 ; 1Sa 25:1-44 ; 1Sa 26:1-25 . Cush, or “dark-complexioned,” may refer to a Benjamite who was David’s calumniator with Saul. If David needed deliverance from his foes, how much more do we from Satan! 1Pe 5:8-9 . So far from being guilty of the offense charged against him, David on two occasions had spared Saul’s life, 1Sa 24:1-22 ; 1Sa 26:1-25 . Mine honor, Psa 7:5 , is probably another word for “soul,” Gen 49:6 . It seems as if, Psa 7:6-9 , God has abdicated His throne, and the suppliant is pleading with him to resume it, with no fear as to the verdict. Evil recoils, like the boomerang, on those who set it in motion. Ralph the Rover perished on the Inchcape Rock, whose warning bell he had destroyed. The hunter falls into the pit prepared in the forest track for his prey, Jdg 1:7 . What a noble prayer in Psa 7:9 !