“His Name Shall Endure for Ever” Psa 72:12-20 How is it that lands so distant as Tarshish, by the Strait of Gibraltar; so rich as Sheba and Seba in south Arabia; tribes so wild as the Bedouin of the desert; and nations so imperial as those beyond the River, shall own the sway of Christ? The answer is given in Psa 72:12 - For! The world is full of sorrow and injustice, and He who can stanch flowing wounds and mete out justice to the oppressed, will win all hearts and become the acknowledged Leader of mankind. He shall live! We cannot forget our Lord’s own words: “I am He that liveth and was dead, and behold I am alive for evermore,” Rev 1:18 . Jesus is possessed of the ageless life of the eternal Word, of the human life which He bore through His sojourn on earth, and of that indissoluble life in virtue of which He exercises His priesthood, Heb 7:17 , r.v. margin. “We pray for Christ,” says; Augustine, “when we pray for His Church, because it is His body; and when we say, ‘Thy kingdom come.’” His name shall have issue , Psa 72:17 , r.v., margin. It will reproduce itself. The children of “the Name” are found in every land, and will ultimately people the world. For Review Questions, see the e-Sword Book Comments.