“King of Kings” Psa 72:1-11 Solomon’s reign opened as a morning without clouds. Much of the imagery of this royal ode is derived from the circumstances of his life. Compare Psa 72:1-4 with his prayer for the listening heart, 1Ki 3:9 ; the anticipations of peace, Psa 72:3 ; Psa 72:7 , with his name, “the peaceful one;” the rule from sea to sea, Psa 72:8 , with 1Ki 4:24 ; the presents from Sheba, Psa 72:10 , with 1Ki 10:1-29 . But Solomon’s failure to realize his ideals compelled men to anticipate with great desire the advent of a greater Prince of Peace. Of Jesus alone is this psalm true in its details. Notice the foundations of Jesus’ reign, Psa 72:1-4 ; the perpetuity of His kingdom, Psa 72:5-7 , and its universality , Psa 72:8-11 . The poor are His care. The peace He gives is in abundance and it passes understanding. Sun and moon may fail, but His love is unaffected by the flight of ages. The rain on mown grass and the distilling of the dew are not more gentle than His work in human souls that lie open to His approach. Take this glorious psalm and claim it, verse by verse, as true for you.