God Raises up His Shepherd David Psa 78:59-72 This paragraph continues the history of the Judges, and tells the story of what befell after the battle in which Eli’s sons were slain. See 1Sa 4:1-22 . It is difficult to estimate the despair which that disaster caused, because Israel seemed the light-bearer of the world. What hope was there for mankind, if its lamp of testimony was extinguished! It inspires great confidence, however, to read in Psa 78:65 of God’s awakening. The language, of course, is highly metaphorical, because He neither slumbers nor sleeps. But there have been many times in the history of the Church when He has seemed to be indifferent. Sin and evil have held undisputed sway. Then a time of revival has suddenly set in. Some David or Daniel, some Athanasius or Augustine, some Wycliffe or Luther, some Spurgeon or Moody, has been brought from an obscure family-“one of the least of the thousands of Judah”-and he has led the host of God with unerring accuracy and success. Even at this hour, amid the sheepfolds or the far-spreading acres of the Western world, God is probably training the ardently looked-for leaders of His Church.