“If Thou Wouldest Hearken unto Me” Psa 81:8-16 God wants our emptiness, which seems to Him like the gaping beak of the young fledgling, Psa 81:10 . Give me room ! is his incessant appeal. It must be the wonder of eternity, and it will certainly be our regret when we come to review our life, that we have asked so little. Give me room ! cries the river, as it comes with a rush to the plains. Give me room ! cries the wind, as it searches into the narrow courts and alleys of the slums. Give me room ! says the Spirit of God, as He breathes around the house of our heart, seeking by any tiny crack to enter. In the closing Psa 81:13-16 , we have an enumeration of all the blessings which would be ours, if only we would open our mouths wide. God would constitute Himself as our champion in subduing our enemies-the temptations from without and the inward warrings of selfishness and passion. He would give us unbroken and enduring blessedness. He would allow us to eat of His flesh and drink of His blood, which are meat and drink indeed. He would surely satisfy us with the sweet honey of His love. Let us begin to claim these benefits!