Words Fitly Spoken Pro 25:1-14 This collection of proverbs was made. 250years after the time of Solomon by the scribes of King Hezekiah. The glory of God is too great to be disclosed to the vulgar eye of mere curiosity, but it will be unfolded to royal souls that seek for it as for hid treasure…. The great rulers of the world must have their secret counsels, but they should be freed from evil counselors, as gold from dross…. Compare Pro 25:6 and Pro 25:7 with Luk 14:8-10 …. Second thoughts are best; sleep over your plan or letter; be deliberate in planning and prompt in acting on the plan when formed…. Don’t reveal to another a cause of offense that should be adjusted between yourself and your neighbor, Mat 18:15 …. A word happily adapted to a circumstance is like an apple of gold, that is, an orange, in a basket of silver filigree-work.… As drink cooled with snow refreshes the thirsty reaper, so is a messenger who faithfully executes his errand to the master who sent him.