Social Injustice Condemned Isa 9:18-21 ; Isa 10:1-4 The terrible indictment of the preceding paragraphs is continued here. Notice the awful monotony of the refrain, Isa 9:12 ; Isa 9:17 ; Isa 9:21 ; Isa 10:4 . Internal anarchy spread with the rapidity of a prairie fire. Jealousy and distrust awoke murderous hatred. Even the ties of brotherhood would not avail to arrest the knife of the assassin. In the horrors of starvation men would consume their own flesh, Isa 9:20 . Civil strife would exhaust the forces, which, combined with God’s blessing, might have arrested the invader. The weak would become the spoil of the strong; and there would be no appeal. What pathetic questions are suggested in Isa 10:3 ! What will ye do? To whom will ye flee? See Heb 9:26-28 . What hope is there for the soul that has known and refused the offer of forgiveness in Jesus! Dear soul, make haste to the cleft of the Rock!