False Leadership Brings Ruin Isa 9:8-17 The grievous sins of the Chosen People are again enumerated. They defied God, Isa 8:9-10 . They refused to repent; they were blind and deaf and profane, Isa 8:13 . Their religious and political leaders led them astray, Isa 8:16 . What could they expect but the letting loose of the judgments of the Almighty! Isaiah’s protests were disregarded, and 2Ki 15:1-38 tells the sequel. It seems very terrible. But what would the forest-glades become if there were not a perfect machinery for the instant removal of all traces of disease, decay, and death! What is true in the physical is true also in the moral sphere. When a nation has ceased to help, and has commenced to impede the progress of humanity, it must be put out of the way.