“The Graves of Lust” Num 11:26-35 It is delightful to note the proof of the nobility of Moses’ nature in the answer he gave to the tidings concerning Eldad and Medad. They might not be of the designated group of elders, and might not have gone out to the Tabernacle, as in Num 11:16 . They remind us of the unordained and simple disciples of Act 11:19 , etc. But there was no envy in Moses’ nature. He would have been only thankful if all had reached a degree of grace even beyond his own attainment. The quails came. They flew in prodigious flocks, which darkened the air. Exhausted by their long flight, they hovered within three feet of the ground, and so were easily captured. But the passionate haste in eating brought its own terrible nemesis to the Israelites. The story became engraved in the very name given to their halting place, Psa 106:15 . My soul, beware lest thou also be precipitated by thy passionate desires into that gravel Gal 5:17 .