the Spies Sent to Canaan Num 12:16 ; Num 13:1-20 By comparing the opening verses with Deu 1:19-22 , it appears that the suggestion about the spies emanated from the people, and that their proposal was graciously acquiesced in by God. But let us remember that it is a profound mistake to spy out or criticize the land or lot into which we are being led. We are almost certain to see the difficulties apart from the grace, and they sometimes appear to be insurmountable. It is better to await with calm trust the unfoldings of divine providence. The book of the future is in the hands of the Lamb that was slain, Rev 5:7-8 . Take no thought for tomorrow! Go steadily on! God will go before you, and cleave your way! Unbelief sees giants and spells them with “G;” faith sees God, and spells giants with “g.” “Looking unto the promise of God,” Abraham “wavered not,” Rom 4:20 .