Opposing or Doing God’s Will Mat 12:38-50 It was an evil and adulterous age. It had no spiritual appreciation, and was intent on getting an outward and sensible sign. Nineveh itself would have condemned it. The queen of Sheba, without the advantage attaching to the Hebrew race, appreciated Solomon; but the people of this generation had no appreciation of the Christ. They were nearing the last days of corruption and reprobation. They were a deserted palace given over to demons. Seven demons possessed them and urged them, as they did the swine in Mat 8:31 , to destruction. But amid the general apostasy, there were faithful souls who recognized Jesus as the Son of God and drew near to hear His words. They recognized His kinship to the Father and revealed their kinship to Him. Let us not look back to Nazareth and Bethany with longing eyes. See Solomon’s Son 8:1-2 . We are privileged to occupy a closer relationship than that of natural birth. See Joh 1:12-13 ; Gal 4:1-6 ; Rom 8:16 . O Brother Christ, make us more like thee!