Words That Must Be Fulfilled Mat 24:29-39 The preceding portion of this prophecy is by all interpreters applied to the destruction of Jerusalem. But on the portion that follows there is a considerable division of opinion. Perhaps it is wisest, between Mat 24:28-29 , to interpolate the Christian centuries during which the gospel is being preached to the Gentiles, according to Rom 11:25 , (but that whole chapter should be considered). Just as one who looks across a mountainous country may count the successive ranks of sierras or ranges, but does not record the valleys that lie between, so our Lord, who speaks as the last of the Hebrew prophets, does not stop to notice the story of the Church, but confines Himself to the events which are specially Hebrew. Probably the present age will be ushered out by scenes not unlike those of the preceding one; and immediately afterward the Lord will set up His reign, and there shall be a new heaven and a new earth. The Advent will be sudden, Mat 24:36 ; and will find men unprepared, Mat 24:38 . The Jewish people will exist as a people till then, Mat 24:34 .