Hearing; Doing; Believing Luk 8:16-25 Inconsistency, unkindly words and acts, disobedience to our known duty will prevent our light from shining. If Christ has illumined your wick, see that you trust Him to find for you your stand, from which you may emit the clearest rays. You are lighted to shine! The closest relationship to Jesus is not that of nature but of grace. To listen in your heart to God’s voice, to hear it in His Word and in Providence and then to do as it decrees, will bring you into the closest relationship with your Lord. Be prepared for storms if you link your lives with Christ. But they cannot hurt you. Men and demons will rage against you; but there is a limit to their power. Jesus rules the waves. “The sea is His and He made it.” If only you can include yourself and Christ in that pronoun we of Luk 8:24 you can never perish although there be as many demons against you as tiles on the house roofs. So Luther found it. See Isa 54:17 .