“Great Things” for One in Great Need Luk 8:26-39 The victim. In referring to but one demoniac the evangelist would probably concentrate attention on the more prominent of the two mentioned by Matthew. There must have been some collusion between the elements of the storm and the demons in this man. Everything seemed to oppose the Lord’s assertion of His right to be obeyed. If demons could possess a man with such power, what might not Christ do if we yielded ourselves absolutely to Him! There must have been some secret yielding on this man’s part, or his heart had never become a garrison of demons. He mistook Christ’s identity, confusing it with that of the demons. Naked; vile; mighty to destroy! What a terrible combination! His masters. The evil one dreads to be unclothed and would prefer to be in a pig than in the abyss-that word means “without bottom.” Once begin to fall, where will it end? The Jews had no right to keep swine, whatever price the Romans were prepared to pay, Lev 11:7 . Christ left Gadara, but left a preacher there. We are not taken out of the world, but sent to witness to it and against it.