the Commandment of the Father Joh 12:42-50 The fear of being cast out of the synagogue was a very real one, Joh 9:22 ; and the yoke laid on Israel by the Pharisees was a very crushing one. Only a very few, like Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathaea, could withstand it. Let us see to it that we set the promotion of God’s glory above any thought of ourselves. We must confess Christ, if we would experience His saving grace. See Rom 10:10 . To reject Jesus was nothing less to Israel than to reject God Himself and His word. Such a supreme act of rebellion could not fail to draw down unexampled judgment. In Joh 12:48-50 our Lord unfolds to us the significance of His words. They will be the sole criterion at the day of judgment. He will apply to each of us the rule laid down in His teachings, which were purely and simply the reflection of His Father’s mind. In every sentence He acted on the Father’s mandate; hence His words were capable of quickening and regenerating His hearers. What a marvelous effect would be produced on the world if all ministers of Christ would utter what they had received! For Review Questions, see the e-Sword Book Comments.