from Christ, not from Men Gal 1:18-24 Paul’s first visit to Peter must have been of absorbing interest. Doubtless the two traversed together the holy scenes of the Lord’s ministry, and Peter told the story of Gethsemane and Calvary with minute detail to ears that drank in every circumstance. How many inquiries would be addressed to the eyewitness of that sacred death and of the open grave! Paul was not ignorant of the facts, but wished to view them in the new light of faith and love. Such conversation as that which occupied these two souls gives us a glimpse of what may be expected when God’s people are gathered into the many mansions of the Father’s house. The sudden termination of this visit to Jerusalem is described in Act 9:28 . Without delay Paul had to leave the city and start for his home in distant Tarsus, where he was to spend two or three years until the good Barnabas came to summon him to help in Antioch. See Act 11:25-26 . Probably during this interval the Apostle began to evangelize the regions named in Gal 1:21 . Let us see to it that we receive no glory from man, but that men see God in us and us in God. We are nothing; He is all, and to Him be the glory, Psa 115:1 .