the Blessing of the Chosen People Deu 33:1-17 The glorious nature of God is the opening theme here. The reference is to the giving of the Law when, amid fire and the mediation of angels, God descended on Sinai, Psa 18:7-9 ; Hab 3:3-4 . Oh, that we, too, may sit as pupils in God’s school and receive His words, Deu 33:3 . Though Reuben could not excel, he was not forgotten. Simeon is omitted because of Num 25:14 . Judah was to receive prosperity in prayer, in work and in war. Some render the benediction thus: “Bring him in safety from his wars!” But our warfare is different, Eph 6:12 . Levi receives special blessing. Note r.v. margin: “Thy Thummim and thy Urim are with him whom thou lovest.” This is the white diamond-stone flashing with God’s “Yes” or dimming with His “No,” Rev 2:17 . Exo 32:26 was never forgotten. See Mat 25:37 . But God forgets our sins, Heb 8:12 . Benjamin’s portion may be yours. The precious things of Joseph’s heritage pale to insignificance when contrasted with the riches of God’s grace, Eph 1:18 .