Superior to Moses Heb 3:1-11 Dwell on those opening words:- holy , such is God’s ideal for us; brethren , by reason of our union with Christ, and with one another in Him; partakers, etc ., God is ever calling upward and heavenward. Jesus comes from God as Apostle and goes for us to God as Priest . In His human life, how humble and faithful; but He originally built the Jewish polity and commonwealth! He was and is as much greater than Moses as the architect than the foreman and the son than the servant. It is not enough to begin the Christian race; we must hold fast our confidence and hope to the end. That was the point specially to be emphasized among these harried people. These Hebrew Christians missed the splendid ceremonial of their ancient faith, and were suffering heavily from persecution and opposition. But was it not worthwhile to persevere, if only to be recognized as belonging to the household of God? Surely for them and for us the experiences of Israel in the forty years of wandering are full of warning. Be admonished by that Wilderness cemetery!