“Press on unto Full Growth” Heb 5:11-14 ; Heb 6:1-8 The teacher has to suit his pace to his scholars. How much we miss because we are such inapt pupils! Milk is food which has passed through another’s digestion. Many cannot get their spiritual nutrition direct from God’s Word, but have to live on what others have obtained and have passed on in speech or book. Seek a first-hand acquaintance with the things of God. We grow by feeding and exercise. We must leave the first principles, as a builder leaves the foundation; he is never so much on it as when farthest above it. The third and fourth principles, Heb 5:2 , are the Jewish equivalents of the first and second, Heb 5:1 . Notice the r.v. marginal reading for seeing in Heb 5:6 -“the while.” So long as men continue to tread the love of God under foot, they cannot repent and be restored. The failure, as with unproductive soil, is not on account of a failure of heaven, but because the soil is hard and obdurate. If we are unproductive, it is due to our own hard-heartedness.