the One Sacrifice That Puts Away Sin Heb 9:21-28 Here are the three appearances of Christ: (1) He appeared once, at the ridge or meeting-place of the ages-where the first Covenant and the second met-to put away the sin of the race; and He has done this for each of us. We are called on to believe this and to enter upon our inheritance without questioning or trying to feel it. Men are told clearly that God will not impute their transgressions unto them, unless they place themselves out of the at-one-ment by the deliberate repudiation of Christ. The one question for us all is not sin, but our attitude toward Christ, the Sin-Bearer. See 2Co 5:19 . (2.) He appears in heaven for us, as our Intercessor and Mediator, presenting our prayers mingled with the rich incense of His merit, and acting as the ground of our beseechings, Rev 8:3 . (3) He will appear the second time. There will be no sin-bearing then. His appearance will be “apart from sin.” But then, salvation will be perfected, because creation itself will share in the liberty and glory of the sons of God, Rom 8:21 .