Building on the Precious Corner-Stone 1Pe 2:1-10 It is easy to lay aside malice, guile and evil speaking, when we are constantly feeding on the unadulterated milk of spiritual truth. If you have tasted of the grace of Jesus, you will not want to sip of the wine of Sodom. Drink, O beloved, eat and drink abundantly, that we may grow, casting aside sinful and childish things. The changing imagery of the next paragraph is remarkable. As we touch the Living Stone we live, and we touch others who are touching Him, and so a temple begins to grow up. Then we become a holy priesthood in the temple, and finally the sacrifices which are offered within its precincts. If Christ is not that Living Stone for you, He will be your undoing. All that God said of His ancient people may be realized by us in and through Christ. Compare 1Pe 2:9 with Exo 19:6 . Thus songs of praise are ever ascending to Him who has called us into His light.