“Eye-Witnesses of His Majesty” 2Pe 1:12-21 Peter could never forget what the Master had predicted of his death. See Joh 21:18 . Oh, that in our death, whatever be its mode, we may glorify God! The fulfillment of those words was already looming before Peter’s eyes, but he had no fear. He describes his home-going by the word used by Moses and Elijah when they spoke of the decease ( lit ., exodus) which the Lord would accomplish. Compare 2Pe 1:15 with Luk 9:31 , r.v., margin. Then the whole scene of the Transfiguration rose before his mind. It seemed as if he were again on that holy mount, beholding the majesty of the Lord and hearing the Father’s attesting voice. There are three infallible proofs of Christianity: (1) the witness of the Apostles; (2) the light of prophecy as fulfilled in Christ; (3) the testimony of the Holy Spirit. These three burn in the dark night of the present and we may count on them till we see the first glimmer of dawn. Then we shall need no candle, for the Lord God will give us light.