"What Do I Do Today?"

by Jesse Hicks
Sun, Jan 16, 2022


Sermons in this series
Sun, Nov 21, 2021
To some extent, the American dream can be summarized in one word: autonomy. In our society people are on a quest to be completely independent - to be free to do what they want when they want. At first glance this may appear desirable, but it is actually an empty destination. As we take a look at what the Bible says, we'll discover that fulfillment is not found in isolation, but in becoming an integral and important part of what God is doing in the world.
Sun, Nov 14, 2021
Most people don't have a problem with God. After all, plenty of people show up for church on Christmas and Easter. Unfortunately, people do have a problem with the church. For centuries Christians have made Christianity so complex that people simply write it off as irrelevant and confusing. In this message we'll see how this problem surfaced in the very early days of the church, how they dealt with it then, and how we should deal with it now.
Sun, Nov 07, 2021
All world religions emphasize earning your way into God's good graces. Do this, don't do that, and you're in. Unfortunately, many people have thought this way about Christianity - that it is about living a good life so that you'll make the cut. But a closer look reveals a much different picture of who is invited in, which means there's hope for everyone.