How Can I Change?

by Bobby Martin
Sun, Jan 09, 2022


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Sun, May 26, 2019
Series: General
Sun, May 19, 2019
Passage: Matthew 6:25
Series: Juxtaposed
Stressed? Anxious? Worried? What do these all too common experiences do to our faith and how do we combat them? This is a timely question for a busy world. In this message Jesse shows us what God’s word has to say about the answer to our anxiety.
Sun, May 12, 2019
Passage: Luke 16:13
Series: Juxtaposed
Is Jesus the Lord of every part of my life or have I held something back? Can I have both? There is a part of us that wants to have our cake and eat it too. But God knows that a divided heart is an enemy to faith. Join us as we dive into the concept of a fully devoted heart.
Sun, May 05, 2019
Passage: Luke 18:9
Series: Juxtaposed
What is the position of my heart as I approach the Lord? Do I come in full recognition of my need or do I come with a false idea of my own merit? What is the difference and what does it matter? In this message we will see the Lord’s mind about our heart.
Sun, Apr 28, 2019
When we live our lives from the standpoint of I must be in control of all things and all events and all people around me, our agenda is going to clash with God’s agenda. That take on life opens you up to unbearable anxiety and fear. It will wreak havoc with your ability to make decisions because your ability to make decisions will be clouded by your fear of losing control. In this final message, we will learn how to avoid a clash of kings and kingdoms by giving up control of the throne.
Sun, Apr 21, 2019
He began as a newborn king, but King Herod wanted Him dead. Years later, they would call Him the King of the Jews, but the religious leaders wanted Him dead. On the cross, He became the dead King. Then three days later, He became the Risen King. People are still threatened by this King who wants to sit on the throne of every heart. But believing in a Risen King can change your life forever.
Sun, Apr 14, 2019
One of the greatest kings in Israel’s history was King David. He was also one of the wealthiest kings. But David understood there was one King whose status and reign was above his own. He knew that all he had in power and possessions came from a higher throne than the one on which he sat. We will discover in this message how our wealth – our money and possessions – is subject to a higher King who wants to use it for eternal reasons. We will bring a special offering to the Chest of Joash this Sunday.
Sun, Apr 07, 2019
Because we are part of a democracy rather than a monarchy we really don’t understand the concept of thrones. We talk about the throne of God but because we are not accustomed to honoring a king, serving a king, or answering to a king in our society then we struggle to appreciate the importance of enthroning someone as king. In this opening message, a game we played as children will challenge us to see God in a different way – as the King He really is.
Sun, Mar 31, 2019
Humans are often self-centered. Certainly some are more so than others. Even people that do a lot for others, inevitably fall victim to thoughts about how they are concerned for their own priorities. The opening words of Pastor Rick Warren’s best-selling book, The Purpose Driven Life, are explicitly meant to get people away from that thinking: “It’s not about you.” The book clearly sets the tone, at the outset, that Christians and prospective Christians need to be focused on living their life the way God commanded his followers to so that they may be a part of his Kingdom of Heaven for eternity.
Sun, Mar 24, 2019
Sun, Mar 17, 2019
Overloaded people live in deficit —emotional deficit, relational deficit, and spiritual deficit. If you have ever overdrawn your checking account, you know the immediate stress and pressure that comes. You immediately want to find a way to cover it, but where do you find money when you are completely out? It is just as possible to get overdrawn in life. When you are overwhelmed, you find yourself living in deficit. You get overdrawn in your marriage, overdrawn with your kids, and you just plain run out of the spiritual, mental, relational, and emotional currency that it takes to really enjoy life. Join us for this final message as we learn from Jesus how to find rest in Him.
Sun, Mar 10, 2019
Passage: 1 Kings 19:1
Series: Gearing Down
Stress is the #1 cause of health problems —mentally and physically. And there are few things that stress us out on a consistent basis like work does, especially when it takes away from all of the other things that life has to offer. This message will show us the areas of our life we need to address in order to experience rest from the stress.