"Together" 01.07.24

by Jesse Hicks
Sun, Jan 07, 2024


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Sun, Sep 24, 2023
“I do not know Him.” Peter said. Three times. It was a moment of weakness for Peter, but it was also an important part of his journey of faith. Eventually, Peter was restored to ministry.
Sun, Sep 17, 2023
Passage: Psalms 51:1
Series: Restored
Sometimes we are broken and it’s our own fault. We made bad decisions or wrong choices, and now we suffer the consequences. But in our brokenness, we must be honest – honest with God and honest with ourselves. Only when we confess that we are broken can God make us into what He wants us to be.
Sun, Sep 10, 2023
Passage: Psalms 139:23
Series: Restored
Life can sometimes leave us feeling broken, shattered, and lost. All of us have experienced seasons of pain, disappointment, or even made choices that have led us away from God's perfect plan for our life. There is good news for you. Our heavenly Father is the God of restoration.
Sun, Sep 03, 2023
It is one thing to love a friend; it's one thing to love a relative; it is another thing to love your enemy. As Christ followers, we don't have a choice when it comes to love. We are to love everybody, even our enemies. But that raises the big question: How is this possible?
Mon, Aug 28, 2023
n the Sermon on the Mount Jesus’ words in Matthew 6 talk about the importance of prioritizing God's kingdom above everything else. He encourages us to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. By doing so, we are assured that all our needs will be taken care of by God. Ultimately, Jesus reminds his followers that when they prioritize God's kingdom, everything else falls into place.
Sun, Aug 20, 2023
In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus’ words in Matthew 7 highlight the idea that there are two paths a person can choose in life: one that is wide and easy but leads to destruction and another that is narrow and challenging but leads to life. Only a few find the right path and truly discover the fullness of life.
Sun, Aug 13, 2023
To be seen, or not to be seen? That is the question. Early on in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus tells the people of God that we should live as lights so that others may see our good works and give glory to our Father who is in heaven. But just a little further into the sermon, Jesus warns us against practicing our righteousness of the sake of being seen by others.
Sun, Jul 30, 2023
The Jews lived under constant Roman oppression. One demand by a Roman soldier or citizen would require a Jewish person to carry their burden for a mile. It was an inconvenient and unjust law. Israel lived in anticipation of the coming of Messiah. One who would deliver them from such tyranny! Now, here Jesus stood…telling them they should carry their Roman neighbors pack for a second mile?!? Surely this could not be what He meant. But it was.
Sun, Jul 23, 2023
Sun, Jul 16, 2023
Every time a group of believers in the Bible needed to, they sacrificed. Why is that? Because in each case a group of believers understood the meaning and the value of sacrificial giving. It is a level of giving that affects our living.
Sun, Jul 09, 2023
Sun, Jul 02, 2023
Sun, Jun 25, 2023
Passage: Malachi 3:6
Sun, Jun 18, 2023
Passage: Luke 16:1
Sun, Jun 11, 2023