How Can I Change?

by Bobby Martin
Sun, Jan 09, 2022


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Mon, Nov 30, 2020
The story of Jesus began at a quaint little town called Bethlehem. What otherwise would have been an unheard of Palestinian town, shrouded in anonymity, has instead become the theme for poets, the subject for artists, and the goal for pilgrims. Why Bethlehem? Join us as we discover how God used a tiny town for an enormous purpose.
Sun, Nov 22, 2020
Practicing gratitude will not erase the overdue bills, cure a common cold, or make those zoom meetings any easier but it will help you cope with those things. We are flawed beings. We all have scars, some more visible than others. Gratitude helps us heal those scars by focusing on what’s good.
Sun, Nov 15, 2020
One reason we struggle with a sense of lack in comparison with others stems from a lack of gratitude for what we’ve been given. Without gratitude, our gains in life don’t last very long. Those who sustain their ability to carry out God's assignments are those who walk quietly, humbly, and with grateful confidence in what He’s given them.
Sun, Nov 01, 2020
To wrap up this series, we tackle a major obstacle for many people like your neighbors as they consider accepting the message of Jesus and placing their faith in God. It's often what comes to mind first when they think about Christianity.
Sun, Oct 25, 2020
Most world religions require adherence to certain laws or rules and they agree that we all fall short of God’s standards. Where most religions differ with Christianity is the way to reconcile with God. In this message, we will discover the revolutionary solution to this dilemma that is available to everyone.
Sun, Oct 18, 2020
Religion can be weird. Odd cultic behavior. Faces of religious icons appearing in random places. Fanatical rules and restrictions to follow in order to be good. Are these all misguided attempts by religious nuts to connect with God? Are we trying too hard to make sense of something so big and mysterious? In this message, we’ll see what Jesus offers is different.
Sun, Oct 11, 2020
Many horrible things have been done and are being done in the name of God. So, it’s easy to understand why people turn away from religion. We want to have faith, to believe our lives have purpose, but our experiences contradict everything we trust in. If you are turned off by religion, if everything around you is saying there is no God, the story of a fanatic and his radical conversion might help you rethink what it is all about.
Sun, Oct 04, 2020
Using Acts 1:8 as a template, we will explore how we can be neighbors to those who live in our communities but are not like us. North Harris County is becoming more diverse every day, and the vision of God’s kingdom is for people from every tribe and tongue to hear the Gospel and be saved. From Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well, we will learn how we must reach to those who are near us but not like us.
Sun, Sep 27, 2020
The Good Samaritan not only chose to love his neighbor, but he exhibited compassion in astounding ways. Compassionate people do not only sympathize and empathize but they also actively help alleviate the sufferings of others. In other words, compassion is not only about thoughts, feelings, and emotions, but also about actions and solutions.
Sun, Sep 20, 2020
Love is not only an emotion, it is a choice. We can choose to love our neighbor or not to love our neighbor. In Jesus’ story about The Good Samaritan, we will discover that loving our neighbor is a choice – one that must be made on a regular basis.
Sun, Sep 13, 2020
If we are going to impact our community, we must understand what love for our neighbor really is. Love is a word we throw around for a lot of things. To truly comprehend love we must look at God’s love – in particular His love for us. In this message we will talk about six reasons we must love our neighbor.
Sun, Sep 06, 2020
In the ways of the world, it is survival of the fittest. To those who are first, they see the last as deserving of being there. If they’re first, then they deserve to be first, but Jesus turns this on its head by saying “the last will be first, and the first last”. This is in direct opposition to the way that the world operates. The world believes in “first come, first served” and not “first come to serve”.
Sun, Aug 30, 2020
In this week’s quote Jesus was preparing the eleven men He had left for His pending crucifixion, His resurrection, and His subsequent departure for heaven. He gave them this great metaphor of the True Vine as one of His encouragements. Jesus wanted His friends, not only those eleven, but those of all time, to know that He was not going to desert them, even though they would no longer enjoy His physical presence.