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Bible Reading Plans

Downloadable Docs

Chronological Plan — read through the Bible chronologically in one year.

Five Ahead — A one-month reading plan covering five books that contain the Central Truths of the Bible.

One-Month Reading Plans

Proverbs — read one chapter each day

Psalms — read every 30th chapter; e.g., 1, 31, 61, 91, 121 ...

Gospels — read three chapters each day

Central Truths (in Downloadable Docs above)

One-Year Reading Plans

Whole Bible — 3 chapters each day, 5 on Sunday

Old Testament — 2 chapters on weekdays, 3 on Saturday, 5 on Sunday

New Testament — 1 chapter each week day, skip Saturday and Sunday

Whole bible Chronologically (in Downloadable Docs above)

S.P.A.C.E. Plan

S — Sin I need to confess
P — Promise I need to claim
A — Attitude I need to change
C — Command I need to obey
E — Example I need to follow

Web Sites Where you can Print Out Different Plans

or just Google "bible reading plans"

If You Just Don't Like to Read

Bible on CD at your local Christian bookstore

Download to iPod or MP3 player at

You can even download the Bible to your phone!

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