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New Series at The Church at Creek's End

Humble shepherd. Giant-slayer. Gifted poet. Mighty warrior. Flawed man. Legendary leader. Like all of us, his life was filled with much happiness and much pain. In this 5-part series, we will explore the life of one of history’s most famous kings.
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JULY 3 – “GETTING EVEN” The Golden Rule is great. Do unto others as you would have others do to you. That’s great until somebody mistreats you. Then, it’s do unto others as others have done unto you. In this message we learn from King David that the problem with getting even is that it makes you even…with someone you don’t even like.

JULY 10 – “SHEPHERD KING” How do we respond when we discover we are the most powerful person in the room: classroom, locker room, boardroom? How do leverage our influence, especially on those for whom we are responsible? We will learn from the life of King David that few things are as inspiring as leaders who say no to themselves in order to benefit those for whom they are responsible.

JULY 17 – “THE SPIN ZONE” In the Garden of Eden God warned Adam and Eve about His "No Sin Zone" and they refused to listen. They entered into "The Spin Zone" and you know the rest of the story. Everything starts spinning out of control. This is where we find David at a critical time in his life. We must learn how to face temptation, and what to do when we give in.

JULY 24 – “A KING’S RANSOM” David paid a high price for a sin that could have been avoided. But it wasn’t the end of the world. Even though he had to face the consequences of his actions, God’s grace was available to him and is available to all who have a price to pay for their sin.

JULY 31 – “DEATH OF A DREAM” Plans are great. Reality is greater. And reality always wins. Things don’t always go as planned because of decisions we make or decisions made by others. Some dreams will not come true. Some dreams cannot come true. In this final message, we will learn from David what to do when our dreams die.